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Thank you letter for Ringo Chan Art Foundation Scholarship
Posted on 29-05-2023
Below is a thank you letter (2023) for Ringo Chan Art Foundation Scholarship received from Dr. Edward Sitt.
For alumni interested in knowing more about the background of the scholarship applicants or their arts production, feel free to contact Dr. Edward Sitt, contact details could be found in the end of the letter.
Thanks for all donors support on the scholarship.

Dear donors of the Ringo Chan Arts Foundation Scholarship,

Happy New Year!

Hope that everyone was enjoying good health in the past three years of COVID-19 pandemic era.

Thanks again for your donation to make this scholarship sustainable and meaningful. I would like to report the current situation in 2022 of the scholarship which was started from 2020.

It is very encouraging that there were twelve students applying the Ringo Chan Arts Scholarship in 2022. Five of them were from visual arts, four from dancing, three from music and one from movie making and photography. I think this scholarship is more well known to students as the number of applicants increased this year. One student was from F2, one from F4, one from F5 and the other nine were from F6. There were four reapplicants and the other eight were new applicants.

All applicants needed recommendation from teachers, submitted a brief self introduction, their certification of achievement and their art production including video recording for their music or dancing performance. It was very fortunate that this year group interview could be conducted with physical presence of 11 students, one was absent due to preparation for a piano contest on the next day but the interview was conducted via zoom for him. The interview was coordinated and conducted by Ms. Irene Ho, Careers and Life planning Mistress and another teacher, Mr. Demual Leung. The students were divided into three groups. I must tell you that the interview in the form of mutual communication and interaction was very fruitful.

In 2022, four re-applicants from the visual arts stream and the remained eight new applicants were awarded 3,000 each with total expenditure 36,000. It can be covered by the surplus carry forward at 31 Aug 2023 as HK$ 84,500. Part of the surplus will support school to build up facilities and the remained surplus will be carried forward to year 2023 scholarship. I need to make some amendment that the three re-applicants in 2021 were awarded 3,000 each. In the future, the scholarship will grant 3,000 for first applicants and 2,000 for the re-applicants. We are thankful that the total donation was 162,500 and the total scholarship granted in the past three years is 78,000 for a total number of 26 students.

I would like to share my vision about my view of the meaning of the lifetime achievement award of Ringo Chan by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance with the acronym AWARD in the setting up of this scholarship. I hope that the students can also learn the meaning of this scholarship with signifant impact on their personal growth and development The acronym AWARD represents Aim / Anonymous, Worldview, Action / Applause, Remember / Rebellious and Denial-self.

I wish the students has clear aim in their life planning with a thankful heart to the anonymous donors. They should have a wilder worldview not being conformed by the tradition of the secular world. They have the courage to put their dream into action. They can also give applause or appreciation to the anonymous heros for all those who have helped them to walk in the road of life growing especially their teachers and parents. They should remember what they learn from the school and treasure of their friendship with fellow classmates. It will be good to have rebellious mindset sometimes in order to enhance creativity. Finally, it will be good to develop the virtue of self-denial as the school motto encourages us, "I am not born for myself alone". If they want to reimburse to the school or society, it can be done in an anonymous way.

I had written personally encouragement letter to all applicants after their awards and all of them had sent back thank you cards to us.

I would like to share one Thank you card and the photo taken on the 2022 speech day below.

Ringo Chan - thank you letter_card.jpg


Let each man give according as he has determined in his heart; not grudgingly, or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver. -2 Corinthians 9:7

All are welcome to contact me directly for further enquiry and if you want to know more about the background of the applicants or their arts production. Thanks again for all your heartfelt donation.

薛頴雄 (1977 F5 BHJS graduate)
Sitt Wing Hung Edward
Whatsapps:- 90819177